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Motorola CDR500

    Motorola CDR500

    Frequency Range

    VHF & UHF Low Band

    Memory Channels


    Product Features

    Packaging Include: Housing, Power Supply, Fan Kit Repeater Interface Cables, Shorting Plugs and Service Manual
    25 Watt Continuous Duty(for 40/45 Watt mobiles) 40/45/60 Watt 50 per cent Duty Cycle Battery Revert Standard
    Ref: 100258

    Model Ref: CDR500

    Product Description

    Motorola CDR500 VHF/UHF 1/25/60Watts with unique versatility and power

    Both the Motorola CDR500 and CDR700 repeaters offer extensive functionality and power to help you increase the calling range and capabilities of your mobile or portable radios so you can enhance on-the-job efficiency. By receiving and resending radio transmissions these powerful repeaters help you extend your communication range and maintain clear sound quality.

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