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Two way radios

Two Way Radios

Two way radio technology designed to keep you in touch with your team members so you can rely heavily on your employees either in the office or off-site. Our diverse portfolio of radios offers you the solutions which allow you to stay connected without the costs of mobile calls, organise and communicate quickly and efficiently.

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Mobile Radios

Professional two way digital mobile radios, with innovative and rich features, our selection of mobile terminals are the ideal choices for your business. DMR is recognised around the world as a technology which has brought voice, data and a range of other features and application in both conventional and trunking modes.

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Repeater Stations

Repeater Stations

Repeater stations are widely used to make a significant difference to the range of the digital two way radios. Our repeater station products ofer you a range of transportable repeaters which priviude portable communication and help you overcome geaogrpahical issues which obstruct the radio communication.

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A selection of military grade manpacks which are specifically designed for tactical applications in the toughest environments, delivering proven field deployable secure communications with second to none reliability. All our manpacks are designed to high standards and are suitable for extended portable field operations. All accessories are available including antennas, smart batteries and carying systems.

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High Frequency

HF communications can be used to create complete non-satellite based communications network for use in remote areas where there may be no other infrastructure. All of our products are rugged with fully featured tactical HF solutions.

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Intrinsically Safe

Threats from explosive gas or combustible dust, mists or vapours either on an oil rig or in an open mine, your workers confront them daily. Safe, reliable communication is absolutely critical in such dangerous environments. There are two safety standards to which all electrical equipment must comply; FM (Factory Mutual) and ATEX. As a general rule, refineries, oil platforms, oil storage depots and similar industries will require the higher standard, ATEX equipment. Click the EX logo for further information on ATEX Intrinsically Safe Portables.

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Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific Radios are radios manufactured to conform to the licensing regulations in force in the Asia Pacific region. For this reason it is recommended that mobile users specify radio models that are approved for use in their region of the world.

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Land Mobile

Our LMR radios are wireless communication systems which are intended for use by terrstrial users in vehicles or by a person on foot. Our range of LMR radios are the ideal solution for mission critical voice communications. Stay connected when disaster arises with our tough, easily deployable and reliable LMR communication solutions.

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PMR 446 is a handportable, short-range, voice-only communication system. It provides a basic but effective radio service for both business and non-business users, and is ideal for providing communication over short distances (e.g. within office buildings, factories and building sites). The PMR 446 service is licence-exempt; you do not require a licence to use PMR 446, as long as they comply with the requirements.

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