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Why use HF Radios?

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Codan Antenna

Codan Limited is an Australian producer of radio and satellite communication systems. Within the telecommunication vertical, Codans position is the High Frequency (HF) class of Radio transmitters. Codan additionally produce Digital Microwave Radios and Broadcast interface equipment. Codan and Codan Broadcast form part of the Codan Group of Companies.

HF is thought to be the genuine choice of communication in isolated and intolerant environments due to the following:

  • HF sending and receiving is free of charge – call costs are complimentary
  • HF does not need hardware - HF uses radio waves, and consequently has no requirement of telephone lines, repeaters or satellites for transmittal
  • HF is significantly manageable – Vehicle or operational mounted (manpack) HF radio gear can be used on the go and does not necessitate stopping and initiating antennae to communicate
  • HF radio is sugnificantly flexible – Codan equipment may be utilised to transmit voice, fax, data, e-mail, text messages and can sustain telephone assimilation
  • HF provides security strenght – HF is tailor made for communicating with in excess of two operators simultaneously, providing security and tracking of distributed people
  • HF radios support customisation - HF sets can be fixed with discretionary GPS equipment, allowing you to follow your vehicle fleet without the requirement for costly satellite connectivity costs. They can additionally be integrated with Codan Automated Link Management (CALM) which will routinely choose the most advantageous frequency for communication
  • HF provides superior sound value - Codan’s Easy Talk voice dispensation gives outstanding voice lucidity
  • HF can be protected - Discretionary Voice Encryption is provided by Codan

Codan produce two chief categories of HF Radios, the NGT SR and NGT VR. The SR will send out voice, VR will send out both voice and data. Equally VR and SR are ordered with the alternative of being configured for vehicle mounting, utilised as a base station or worn as a manpack.

Codan Manpack

Codan Manpacks

Regarding manpack based radios, the Codan transceivers in the 2110 and 2110v series are the pinnacle of the collection. Completely self-sufficient within a solo unit, the manpack is straightforward to install quickly anywhere. We focus in the voice based 2110v and the further sophisticated multi-faceted 2110 standard. The 2110 senior item is a high-tech transportable HF unit. The 2110 is laden with alternatives for interface and inter-operability. The 2110 is completely accommodating for function with military transceivers and provides major ALE operational specifications. The 2110v is a voice only operating system which is intended purely to provide first-rate HF transmission. The 2110 system is the strongest, most hard-wearing piece of rough-wearing radio kit Codan produced. Nonetheless, this has not diverted their manpack status of being light and straightforward to use. The manpack complies totally with the meticulous environmental values necessary to attain ML-STD-810F accreditation.

With regard to power, the 2110 series is the main reasonably priced system ever created by Codan, using a solitary charge to supply unremitting operation over a number of days. It comes with an Intelligent Battery Management System (IBMS). This system smartly monitors and presents battery power offered in addition to it's power and state. The IBMS safeguards the battery from overcharging and consequent harm. The 2110 provides constant contact and considers battery state to stop you losing communication. Contact is additionally cosseted by the insertion of an intelligible interface which is compatible with the Codan NGT series of transceivers rendering the system extremely straightforward in keeping in contact with NGT users, to use unaccompanied or to instruct others to use, drastically reducing expenditure and time. Compatibility expands to other industrial and military grade radio systems including the NGT. The utilisation of the noise lessening application Easitalk adds to the lucidity of communication.

Codan Manpack

A chief component of the 2110 is the CALM system which ensures rapid antenna modification and choice of modes. The system will additionally decide on the most appropriate antenna and self-initiates the tuning. The scan speed is a great deal more rapid than conservative ALE systems and consequently deploys itself into application speedily. The functioning display screen is large and comprehensible and possesses self-testing facilities to guarantee the system is constantly functional - a 24 hour Link Quality Analysis program. Consequently, this system is simple to control for even a beginner and scrutiny of its operational status is uncomplicated. Voice encryption and GPS capacity are presented as options, also making sure that security, prudence and tracking are a top precedence. This is naturally all supported with Codan's distinguished global support and a straightforward three year guarantee. A variety of antennas, backpacks, mounting kits, batteries and chargers are offered to constitute the 2110v or 2110 to suit your personal requirements.

Features of the Codan 2110 series:

A lightweight, durable and waterproof device for voice and data communications. Capable of 50 hours battery life, together with Intelligent Battery Management System for low functioning costs User-friendly interface, large and comprehensible operating display, and internal front panel speaker Easy one key entrance to key or preconfigured functions Advanced calling facilities:

  • Selective call
  • Phone call
  • Message call
  • GPS Position calls
  • Over-The-Air (OTA) remote disable and configuration capabilities Interoperable with other commercial units Interoperable with military grade radios (2110 only)
  • FED-STD-1045 ALE option, plus Codan's superior ALE (CALM) MIL-STD-188-141B ALE option (2110 only) Integrated rapid automatic antenna tuner DSP Noise Reduction Easitalk
  • Integrated GPS receiver option High quality, incorporated voice encryption choice for secure communications Codan's celebrated dependability, worldwide support and three year guarantee Software update capability to look after your investment

Standards the Codan 2110 Series complies with:

  • MIL-STD-810 Environmental Standards FED-STD-188-1045 ALE MIL-STD-188-141B CE AND FCC Radio Approval


  • The Codan NGT VR is an incredibly all-inclusive solution to your communication requirements. Whilst incorporating all the common characteristics of Codan's High Frequency (HF) radio technology, this transceiver in addition features a pioneering handset and Easitalk as standard. Calling characteristics and remote diagnostics are discretionary. The Codan VR system is offered in both a Base Station and Vehicle Mounted arrangement

Codan Chief features:

  • The handset can contact the entire programming and procedures in a suitable and dependable way. It gives a sophisticated interface, further efficient operation and simple network management
  • The handset supports diverse needs ranging from conventional manual voice operation, to complicated CALM dependent calling actions
  • Users may program channels, functions and addresses into the handset to meet their individual needs. These functions can then be accessed through a sequence of hot keys
  • An incorporated address book can accumulate up to 100 addresses that can be effortlessly accessed by means of the menu
  • The handset can be mounted in any arrangement that makes presentation easier. The handset gives a complete display of information

Codan Emergency selcall characteristic

  • The NGT VR has an exclusive emergency calling capability. A distress signal can be sent involuntarily to particular stations

Codan Multi channel ability

  • The NGT VR has a capability for 20 channels
  • Simple to install

The Codan NGT VR is intended specifically for trouble-free setting up in immobile and mobile environments. The item is petite and can be mounted wherever is suitable for the user.

Codan free tune receiver

  • Free tune receiver type allows the operator to tune into whichever frequency and save it as a channel with its individual elected label. In addition, the NGT VR has the capability to tune to receive AM stations, short-wave broadcasts and more

Codan Smart monitoring system

  • An assortment of channels can be monitored at the same time as the radio is hushed, and calls can be received on whichever of the channels being scanned

Codan Tested and protected

  • Every Codan transceiver is completely protected from faults for instance antenna damage, overvoltage and reverse polarity, which can devastate other transceivers. As is Codan benchmark, a three year warranty is offered to all registered users

Codan VR Series packages

NGT VR Mobile package - NGT VR Mobile 2011 RF unit with NGT VR 2020 handset and loudspeaker. 9350 automatic tuning whip antenna featuring speedy tuning and effortlessness installation. Complete with stainless steel and fibreglass whip tops, interface cable, coaxial cable and spring vehicle installation hardware, comprising of vehicle mounting cradle, DC power and interface control cables, installation kit, fuse holder with fuse.

Codan NGT VR Base Station package

NGT VR 2010 RF unit with NGT desk Console, incorporating NGT VR 2020 handset, NGT VR 2030 junction box, in-built speaker, hand PTT switch, goose-neck microphone and in-built headphone output, 3020 transceiver supply 100-240V AC, optional battery float charging kit (Code 702) available C411 terminated folded dipole antenna 150W PEP complete with installation hardware and 30m coaxial cable.

Codan SR Series

The NGT SR is an all-inclusive and perfect solution to your communication needs. At the same time as incorporating each and every one of the customary features of Codan's High Frequency (HF) radio technology, this transceiver also features a responsive handset, advanced calling features and Easitalk as standard. There are a number of notable extras as options.Broad Codan Automated Link Management (CALM) capabilities, GPS, fax, data and email transmission are all offered to modify your system to your requirements. The SR system is available together as a Base Station and Vehicle Mounted option.

Codan SR series features

  • The handset can access every programming and procedures in a suitable and dependable manner. It provides a sophisticated interface, more resourceful operation and simpler network management
  • The handset is configured to maintain varied needs- ranging from conventional manual voice function to sophisticated CALM-reliant calling procedures
  • Users can program personalised channels, functions and addresses by programming them into the handset to meet their individual needs. These functions can then be accessed by means of a hot key system. A integral address book can save up to 100 addresses that can be effortlessly obtained by accessing the menu
  • The handset is extremely painless to install and can be mounted in any position that makes for the best possible viewing. The handset provides a complete and suitable display of information

Codan Emergency selcall feature

  • The NGT SR has an exclusive emergency calling feature. A distress signal can be sent routinely to certain stations. Essential in remote working or intimidating environments

Codan Large channel capacity

  • The NGT SR has an operating capacity of 400 channels

Straightforward installation

  • Each aspect of the NGT SR has been designed for trouble-free installation and quick turnaround in fixed and mobile environments. The unit is diminutive and may be mounted wherever is suitable

Codan smart monitoring system

  • A mixture of channels can be monitored at the same time as the radio is muted, and calls may be taken on whichever of the channels being scanned by the operator

Tested system protection

All Codan transceivers are completely secure and protected from faults for instance antenna damage, overvoltage and reverse polarity, which can devastate other less rugged transceivers. As is Codan standard, a three year warranty is offered to every registered user

More about Why Use HF Radio click to read the next page

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