Tait TB 8100 VHF/UHF 5/50/100Watts

Tait TB 8100 VHF/UHF 5/50/100Watts

With advanced and intuitive features, 8000 Series products lead their class.

Main Features:

  • Robust Design and Specifications
  • Expandable, Upgradable Platform
  • Complete Remote Operation
  • Self-Monitoring
  • Energy Efficient
  • Advanced Signaling using DSP
  • Intuitive PC-based Programming
  • 255 Channels


The TB8100 is Tait's highly flexible analog base station, ideal for any application from a simple, conventional repeater to advanced simulcast or trunked systems.

With its modular design, robust RF performance and customised programming, the TB8100 will conform to your individual system design requirements.

The Advanced Profiles option gives you precise control over your channel configuration and access to the most advanced configuration options available on any base station.

Low Power/Solar Sites

With the Power Save option, the TB8100 is ideal for solar sites or sites requiring low current draw. The TB81 00 receive power can be as low as 60mA, meaning the power consumption of the base station is dramatically reduced.

High Duty Cycle

The TB8100 has continuous duty cycle operation at full performance specifications, within the complete temperature and altitude range. Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, this base station has been specified to operate continuously at full power, at up to 15,000 feet (4572m) and as high as 140°F (+60°C) in temperature. This makes it ideal for use in busy trunked systems.

High Noise Sites

With outstanding specifications for selectivity, adjacent channel interference and fast key-up times, the TB8100 system provides exceptional RF performance. You can depend on the TB8100 in the busiest of RF environments.

Advanced Diagnostics

Monitor an entire network from a central location with the TB8100 base station and the Alarm Reporting option. This means you don’t need to manually connect to each base station to check it, minimizing maintenance time and costs.

The TB8100 continuously checks 43 different alarm parameters. At the first sign of trouble, the base station dials up an Alarm Center and provides it with a list of recent alarms and other status information. The Alarm Center can then email this information to one or more email addresses.

Data System

With a fast key-up time of 2ms the TB8100 is ideal for data applications. A Computer Controlled Interface (CCI) allows communication between computer equipment and the base station. The TB8100 also has a Task Manager - a programmable logic controller that handles alarms, digital inputs and outputs, internal flags, counters and timers. This enables you to easily write your own applications.

Complete Remote Operation

With its many remote monitoring options the TB8100 is ideal for isolated sites. The self-monitoring application has dial-out capability so you are immediately notified of potential issues. More than 150 parameters can be managed remotely with the TB8100 Service Kit software. Several system interface options are available, including Isolated Audio, Isolated Audio E&M, TaitNet RS232, TaitNet MPT 1327 Trunked and Ethernet.

Ethernet Connectivity

An optional Ethernet systems interface enables IP management of your communications system. This enhances the remote monitoring and diagnostics capabilities of the TB8100, and reduces your site and maintenance costs. This is available with TaitNet MPT, TaitNet QS2 and conventional systems.


The TB8100 Paging Applications Board provides a paging interface and makes it possible for the base station to be used in POCSAG paging applications.

750mW with Power Save, 7.2W standard

Multi-Reciter Format

The TB8100 is also available in a multi-reciter format. Up to seven reciters can be fitted in a rack (or up to five plus a power management unit) - ideal for voting, multi-channel TaitNet QS2 Simulcast and other systems requiring independent monitoring and recording.

Competitively Priced DC Only Option

With a 12V DC PA only system the TB8100 is capable of a lower power consumption – approximately 750mW at 5s receiver cycling.

Transition to P25 Digital

TB81 00 equipment is designed to be easily transitioned from analog to P25 digital operation. An optional kit makes the transition to the TB91 00 series straightforward.


The modular design of the TB81 00 makes for easy maintenance, expansion and upgrade of the base station. Front-loading modules slip into the 4U subrack, making building the system, replacing a module or accessing a system interface board fast and simple.

  • Reciter – contains the receiver and the exciter
  • Power Amplifier – available as 5W, 50W and 100W modules
  • Power Management Unit – more than just a power. Provides AC and/or DC power, includes a standby power supply and an auxiliary DC power supply.

Frequency Range: 136–1 74MHz; 193–225MHz; 400–520MHz; 792–824MHz; 8

Memory Channels: 255

TB8100 Repeater

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Av. Download Times:
28.8Kps: 51s
56Kps: 26s
256Kps: 6s


Manufacturer: Tait

Tait is a trusted and reliable company renowned all over the world for its seamless and innovative products. It has total commitment to producing only the best world class products for communication purposes.

Category: Radios

SubCategory: Repeater Station

Class: UK Product

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