Training for the Future of Codan Communications

Helping companies avoid the cost of valuable mistakes and codes of practice

Our training courses incorporate fitting and commissioning of equipment, systems amalgamation, on-site instruction, maintenance, and the provision of spare parts internationally.

More Money

Save Money

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Save materials
  • Happy employees
  • Increase production value
  • Increase efficiency
  • Keep customers
  • Gain team confidence
  • Good return on investment
  • Team building
  • Product knowledge

Gain Experince

  • The first theory of radio waves
  • Radio waves propagation
  • Codan HF equipment
  • Theory of aerials
  • Radiation patterns
  • Vehicle fixed radio and aerial installation
  • Image observation; from Afghanistan by UN
  • Programming software training
  • Radio communication code of practice
  • Spelling and terminology
  • Three fully working HF stations provided

What We Offer

Codan generic training courses in system operation, planning and maintenance. Whilst we will continue to offer specific training for all Codan users, we are also able to provide training courses to meet the needs for more generalised training and advice to system users. The training focus remains on HF systems, however, other related technologies may also be included.

Information of standard courses and sample syllabuses are available upon request. Courses are principally conducted in our UK offices.

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How It Works

Our courses are individually structured; operator, technical and planning courses necessitate varying degrees of essential knowledge and we will specify basic requirements dependent on the training required.

Tuition on the assembly and operation of equipment is provided during the course

Why Use Us

Training course requirements such as class size, training assistance and accommodation will all be set out in advance. The subject matter covered on our Codan training courses may incorporate but are not limited to:

  • An introduction to HF radio
  • Broadcast theories, antennas and modulation
  • Operator practice and regulation
  • Operation of an assortment of sized networks, execution and management
  • Station initiation, connections, power supplies and accessories
  • Programming and configuration
  • Practical tests
  • Specialized training on radio email networks, ALE, selective calling (advantages, set up and protocols),
  • Telephone interconnects, asset and vehicle tracking via HF
  • Mobile and Manpack operation
  • Secure voice and data networks.
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