GECOL Training Istanbul

To get this year started with a bang we sent some of our engineers to Istanbul to train GECOL engineers on how to user their Codan Envoy equipment, with the course covering safety awareness, HF propagation, mobile and base radio fundamentals, programming using handsets and programming software to semi advanced level.

After an initial week we spent in Istanbul we moved to Tripoli, Libya to provide training for a large group of engineers and users, during the training we covered safety awareness, HF propagation, antenna radiation patterns, mobile and base radio installation at advanced level , programming using handsets and programming software at advanced programmer level, detailed training operation and voice procedures.
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Rwanda HF & VHF Radio Training

Communication Specialists have been busy at the start of 2016 as we sent an engineer out to Rwanda to provide some training for our existing clients Rwanda Airlines and to meet up with new customers who require HF and VHF radio equipment, the training for Rwanda Airlines was held in Kigali.

Our training consisted of:

  • HF – Safety awareness (including the hazards related to happy fuseboard)
  • Propagation theory fundamentals, mobile and base station installation fundamentals
  • Importance of grounding especially on HF bands
  • Codan Envoy X2 configuration and programming at semi advanced level
  • Installation and operation of Codan Envoy x2 radio station
  • VHF Televawe duplexers – theory and practical tuning exercises

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Combined Winter Sports – UK Armed Forces

Well, it is that time of year again and the Combined Winter Sports event is now well under way. This event is the top level organisation for snow and ice sports competition for the UK Armed Forces, it includes; Alpine Skiing, Nordic Skiing, Telemark Skiing, Snowboarding, Bobsleigh, Luge, Skeleton-Bob and Cresta!

Over the years we have provided the CSWSA with all their radio communication equipment for these events and 2016 is no exception, armed with the latest technology radios to suit the requirements for cold climates and rugged terrain the CSWSA are fully kitted out for their event.
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MG Car Club | Doughnut Run 2015

If you are a classic car enthusiast and are in the Basingstoke area this coming September then you may not want to miss a fun packed day hosted by the Basinghstoke MG Car Club, they are raising money for the Alzeihmer’s Society and offering doghnuts and refreshments, a 50 mile run in the surrounding countryside, vintage and classic car displays and a raffle!
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When Time is Critical: Think Communication Specialists

Nestled between the Sahara desert and the Mediterranean is a thin strip of land called North Africa. Stretching from the Moroccan Atlantic coast to Egypt and Sudan, North Africa contains seven countries or territories; Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, and Western Sahara. In this land of vast deserts, ancient cities, and bustling markets, the cultures of Africa, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean come together. The region boasts a mix of many different cultures and many trade developments from the coast to the small but very crucial land link to the Middle East.
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Arabic Speakers in the Company

Communication Specialists Ltd Bring on Board Arabic Speakers to Assist Support Engineers.

Being a multi-lingual company for the past 25 years it is of no surprise that Communication Specialists Ltd have assigned Arabic Speakers to assist the support engineers, this is very unique for a UK based company and they are among the first to offer this to international customers. Current languages spoken are: English, Spanish, French, German, Polish, African and Arabic.
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Secure Radio Communications

Communciation Specialists Hand Delivers Personal Secure Mototrbo Digital Equipment to the MOD of Ghana.

The government of Ghana (MOD) are the department responsible for defending the Republic of Ghana from internal and external military threats and they exist to proactively improve national security through the effective formulation, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of defence policies and programmes and thereby contribute to national development. Ghana’s peacekeepers who are the men and women of the Ghana Armed Forces are normal husbands, wives, mothers and fathers who have done extraordinary things.

During the past four decades these men and women have taken up positions on the thin blue line between war and peace, they have acquitted themselves with extradinary valour, professionalism, strength and human compassion. More than 80,000 of them have rated in 31 United Nations and subregional peacekeeping missions – from the Congo, Rwanda, Namibia, Mozambique, Liberia and Sierra Leone, to the Middle East the Balkans, and Cambodia. More than 100 Sodiers have sacrificed their lives.

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Women’s Tour 2015

The Women’s Cycle Tour with Aviva will commence on Thursday 18th June and large crowds are expected to come out for this event, founded in March 2013 the Women’s Tour has grown successfully year after year. Last year brought in a whopping £600,000 in revenue for Tendring, will this year top that? In the UK alone there is a staggering 44 million kilometres that have been covered by female cyclists, this is an inspiring growth in female membership, showing an increase in cycling popularity across the UK.

Communciation Specialists have been involved with many cycling events across the UK over the past 10 years so we are very proud to be involved with the Women’s Tour for 2015. Three of Communication Specialist’s engineers will be on site for the 5 stages, installing Motorola DM 3600 and Motorola GM 340 to event cars as well as supplying 160 handhelds to team members, security etc. This event will be a mixture of Motorola, DP3400, CP040 and GP340.
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Security Radio Hire

Tougher, more robust communication supports and protects your business community, reduces the risk of costly communications outages, and allows more efficient use of increasingly constrained resources. It gives your workers confidence to perform their duties more effectively, knowing that their communications will never run them into trouble.
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Intrinsically Safe Radios Motorola

Safety is a key element in any work place, and that is especially true in industries where explosive gases are used. Many manufacturing and special operations industries utilise two-ways radios to keep in communication with one another, but if these industries are ones where explosive gases are an issue, such as oil and gas companies, then it is essential that the radios that the companies use are intrinsically safe ones like those offered by Motorola.
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