Lightweight Boom Mic Earphone

Lightweight Boom Mic Earphone

Identical to the LEP 400, but with a lightweight boom microphone fitted on to the earpiece. This allows the user to position the microphone suitably in front of the mouth and it is therefore only necessary to speak normally. Ideal where covert is not of paramount importance, but clear, hands-free communications is, such as in the retail, restaurant and entertainment business. The PTT button is housed in a lightweight box that can be clipped to the user's lapel or tie.

Compatible with:

  • Most 1 pin Motorola Radios with 3.5 mm Socket
  • Most 1 pin Kenwood Radios with 2.5 mm Socket
  • Most 2 pin Icom Radios, straight plug


LEP500M Motorola
LEP500K Kenwood
LEP500Y Icom

Manufacturer: Generic

Generic Radios by Communication Specialists

Category: Accessories

SubCategory: Earphones

Class: UK Product

Type: New Item

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