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Wireless, Two-Way Radio Communication Systems


Radio Product Manufacturers
Motorola Products - Motorola radios are world leaders in two way radio Communications. Legendary quality and reliability. USA manufacturer.

Hytera Products - Hytera is famous for manufacturing trunking system communication devices and two way radios all over the world. They are top class and one of the leading manufacturers of wireless communication devices. Codan Products - Codan designs and builds High Frequency (HF) Radio, Land Mobile Radio (LMR), Satellite, and Microwave Links products. Perfectly suited to the Army, Governments and MODs. Tait Products - Very high quality Radio Communications and data equipment from this New Zealand based manufacturer.

Vertex Standard Products - Vertex Standard is one of those companies which offer total system solutions and commercial communication devices. Some of their devices are used in U.S Defense department for the quality and standard they offer, particularly in emergency situations. Entel Products - Professional radio communications equipment for land based, marine and radio telemetry applications. Icom Products - A major manufacturer of radio communications in the Marine, Aviation and Land Mobile Radio Industries. Kenwood Products - Kenwood communications provide total solutions in the Commercial and Amateur Radio Communications markets. Manufactured in Japan. Imtradex Products - Made in Germany Imtradex are your first contact for providing high-quality audio accessories for digital radios. Otto Products - A highly specialised manufacturer based in the United States of America designing audio accessories specifically for the two-way radio market.

Communication Specialists Limited are world renowned for effective communications systems. With expertise in two way wireless communications, they assess, and provide installation of the central radio and security equipment to ensure an efficient communication system, offering unique solutions for any event; large or small, allowing the operation to run as smoothly and as safely as possible.

Two Way Radio Systems

Buy - Hire - Repair - Technical Assistance

Being one of the industry leaders for over 20 years CSL are approved specifically for the United Kingdom, European, African and Asian markets. Due to differences in worldwide Licensing Regulations and frequency allocations, the radios are engineered specifically to suit those particular markets.

Many Portable and Mobile Radios sold throughout the world are of identical appearance but differ from each other in various technical aspects that make them compatible with the regulations of that particular country, a change of model number across those selected models differentiates the radios for each selected country.

Dedicated suppliers of Communication Systems

CSL's experts can help you identify and source the most effective technology for your business and support you as you integrate this into your operation. CSL work to high customer expectations and achieve similarly high levels of customer satisfaction.

If you have a query as to which Radio Communication equipment are most suitable for your particular application, please contact us and one of our radio experts will be happy to advise you on this matter.

Two Way Radio Services

  • An extensive range of Two Way Radio Communication & Security equipment
  • A reputation for unrivalled customer service in terms of both quality and speed of response.
  • Expert advice and support, twenty four hours a day.
  • Solutions to meet every application, large or small, complex or simple

Two Way Radio Systems

Whether you require a multi-channel Trunking System and full technical support or two way radios for personal communication or perhaps you require event management communications, we can provide a range of equipment ideally suited to your application.

We offer Sales, Hire Service, Repairs, Maintenance & Installation support and work with you in using our radio communication expertise.

Many organisations around the world depend on our communication systems and expertise. Instant communications, exchange of critical information and security monitoring are vital tools in many large industries, wireless communications are universally recognised as the most efficient and cost-effective solution to meet these needs and ensure smooth day-to-day administrative and operational procedures.

We deliver the best security solutions available for many specific and unique situations. We can provide you with GSM, Cellular and Broadband Jammers as well as audio and video surveillance devices to provide the solution for your particular application.

If you need an effective radio communication system to be installed on your premises, you can call Communication Specialist's experts immediately who will assess your needs and prepare a proposal as to what kind of equipment and the number of radio devices you will need along with the frequency/power needed to run the system efficiently. After this assessment, the rate for such an installation is discussed and then when the deal is finalised the installation work starts. The central radio communication device systems are installed and thus your company will have an efficient and purpose driven communication system instantly. These radio communication systems are handheld wireless devices which are very handy and easy to use.

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