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We are an independent two way radio supplier providing effective communciation systems from assessement to installation. We are able to offer unique solutions for any event, large or small. We have offices worldwide in the UK, Spain, Libya, Equatorial Guinea, Seychelles and Rwanda. Our range includes portable and mobile devices, voice & data satellite phones, GPS, fixed VAST Plus Vehicle, Manpacks and HF/UHF/VHF base stations, we have everything you need to communicate, whether that be a remote or hazardous location or your office warehouse.

Being one of the industry leaders for over 20 years CSL are approved specifically for the United Kingdom, European, African and Asian markets. Due to differences in worldwide Licensing Regulations and frequency allocations, the radios are engineered specifically to suit those particular markets.

Many Portable and Mobile Radios sold throughout the world are of identical appearance but differ from each other in various technical aspects that make them compatible with the regulations of that particular country, a change of model number across those selected models differentiates the radios for each selected country.

CommSpec's experts can help you identify and source the most effective technology for your business and support you as you integrate this into your operation. CommSpec work to high customer expectations and achieve similarly high levels of customer satisfaction.

If you have a query as to which Radio Communication equipment are most suitable for your particular application, please contact us and one of our radio experts will be happy to advise you on this matter.

Two Way Radio Services

  • An extensive range of Two Way Radio Communication amd Accessories
  • A reputation for unrivalled customer service in terms of both quality and speed of response.
  • Expert advice and support, twenty four hours a day.
  • Solutions to meet every application, large or small, complex or simple
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